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Gain access to my FREE vegetable gardening "how to," "hints" and frequent updates from my own vegetable garden. Q and A's, and other helpful gardening information to help this be your best garden ever

About Us
Meet Charlotte - the lady behind this informative vegetable gardening site!

Come back often to check out the latest on vegetable gardening tips and ideas

Vegetable Garden Planner
Design your own vegetable garden using our free Garden Planner!

Gardening Gift Ideas for Garden Lovers
For gardening gift ideas for garden lovers, shop at Charlotte's Vegetable Gardening Shop Online where you'll find everything from gardening calendars to garden tool Christmas ornaments.

Vegetable Garden Supplies from Gardening Gloves to Hand Gardening Tools
Looking for vegetable garden supplies? Shop online at Charlotte's Vegetable Gardening Online Shop. You'll find everything from garden gloves to compost bins.

Vegetable Garden Seeds For Sale Online
Shop for vegetable garden seeds online at Charlotte's Vegetable Gardening Online Shop. Find a variety of vegetable seeds, including organic seeds, heirloom seeds, and AeroGarden seeds.

Vegetable Garden Tools - Shop Online for Hand Garden Tools
Every avid gardener needs a good set of vegetable garden tools. Find a set of tools perfect for your style and gardening needs at Charlotte's Vegetable Gardening Online Shop.

Vegetable Garden Worksheets, Garden Diary, Zone Chart, Planting Guide
Download free Vegetable Garden Worksheets, Gardening Diary, Zone Chart or Vegetable Planting Guide to help plan and design your home vegetable garden.

Free Vegetable Garden Plans, Vegetable Garden Planner, Vegetable Garden Layout
Download free vegetable garden plans, designs, and layout planning diagrams. Home vegetable garden plan and design worksheets, small vegetable garden plans, tips and ideas.

Home Vegetable Gardens - Answers to Your Home Vegetable Gardening Questions
Ask questions about your home vegetable gardens and receive answers from Charlotte on everything from when to plant tomatoes to how to fertilize your soil for the most delicious, nutritious harvest.

Vegetable Garden Pictures, Vegetable Garden Photos, Vegetable Gardening Videos
Vegetable garden pictures, videos, and photos of garden plans, designs and planting. Gardening pictures and videos to help plan your garden. Garden fencing video, container garden videos, and more.

Vegetable Garden Photos - Indoor and Outdoor Vegetable Garden Pictures
Share your vegetable garden photos and stories and inspire others to get started on gardens of their own. Want to start a garden? Check out visitor submitted indoor & outdoor garden pics and stories.

Grow a Vegetable Garden, Growing Vegetables, Planting a Vegetable Garden
Learn how to grow a vegetable garden, and how to plan a vegetable garden. Free plans for planting and growing vegetables in home vegetable gardens.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening, Indoor Gardening Tips, Indoor Container Gardening
Tips for indoor vegetable gardening in containers. How to plant, care for, and grow an indoor vegetable garden including herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and more.

Vegetable Garden Tips, Plans, and Ideas
Home vegetable garden plans and ideas for in-ground, raised bed, container and potted gardens.

Starting a Vegetable Garden at Home--a Few Tips and Ideas
The basics for starting a vegetable garden at home. How to choose seeds and plants for a simple beginner vegetable garden plan.

Home Vegetable Garden Planning, Tips, and Ideas
Planning a home vegetable garden layout is a great way to grow fresh vegetables for your family. Tips and ideas for a planting a container, French intensive or Hugelkultur vegetable garden.

Small Vegetable Garden Plans and Ideas
Tips and plans for starting a small vegetable garden at home. Square foot, container and other small plot garden plans for growing vegetables the easy way.

Small Vegetable Garden Design and Planning
Design a vegetable garden for indoor or outdoor gardening. Planning a container, potted, raised bed or vertical vegetable garden design.

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Layout and Design Plans and Worksheets
Free raised bed vegetable garden plans and worksheets. Easy steps and plans to build a small home vegetable garden.

Square Foot Garden, Squarefoot Gardening Tips, Square Foot Gardening Plans
Free planner for designing a square foot garden. Tips and designs for building and planting a simple and easy squarefoot garden.

Best Time Plant Vegetable Garden, When to Plant a Vegetable Garden
When is the best time plant vegetable garden? Download our free zone chart and vegetable planting guide to help plan your garden.

How to Garden, How to Plant a Vegetable Garden, How to Start a Garden
Learn how to garden with our free garden planning worksheets, vegetable garden planner, and vegetable gardening videos. Plan a vegetable garden using our free garden planting guide.

Vegetable Garden Planting Tips, Ideas, and Schedule, Planting a Vegetable Garden
Tips and plans for vegetable garden planting and designing a home vegetable garden. When is the best time to plant a vegetable garden?

Organic Vegetable Garden Planning, Tips, and Ideas
How to grow an organic vegetable garden at home. Basics on how to plan and prepare for planting a garden layout.

Container Vegetable Gardening, Container Garden Ideas, Container Garden Plans
Container vegetable gardening tips, plans and ideas. Designing a container garden, and examples of container gardens.

Planting a Vegetable Garden; Tips and Ideas for Planning a Home Garden
Ideas for planting a vegetable garden in the backyard, patio, porch or container garden. Planning guide and information for a beginner vegetable garden.

Vegetable Garden Fertilizer, How to Fertilize Vegetable Garden, Garden Compost
The best vegetable garden fertilizer tips, gardening with compost, and other organic fertilizers. How to build healthy soil using organic materials to add nutrients and condition the soil.

Heirloom Seeds when Planning an Organic Vegetable Garden
Choose heirloom seeds for sustainable vegetable gardening. Share your garden seeds with friends and neighbors, and save some for your next year's garden.

Vegetable Gardening Tips, Vegetable Garden Plans, Ideas and Designs
Vegetable gardening tips for planning, designing and planting a garden indoors or outdoors. Container, vertical, potted, and raised bed vegetable garden ideas and information.

Growing Basil, Planting Basil, How to Grow Basil
Tips for growing basil in your vegetable garden. Learn how to plant, water, and care for basil plants, and what varieties are best for home growing.

Growing Beans, Growing Green Beans, and Planting Green Beans
Growing beans, including green, yellow, lima, bush, runner and pole beans. Free plans for how to grow green beans in a small garden.

Growing Broccoli, Planting Broccoli, and How to Grow Broccoli
Growing broccoli sprouts; free planting guide and zone chart for broccoli growing.

Growing Cabbage, How to Grow Cabbage, German Red Cabbage, Growing Kale
Tips and plans for growing cabbage plants, German Red Cabbage, Kale and other fall vegetables and crops.

Growing Carrots, Planting Carrots, How to Grow Carrots
Free plans for growing carrots, when and how to plant carrots. Growing organic carrots from seeds and plants in your vegetable garden.

Growing Cilantro, How to Grow Cilantro, Planting Cilantro
Plans for growing cilantro, how to plant cilantro, how to grow coriander seeds from cilantro plants.

Growing Corn, Growing Sweet Corn, The Process of Growing Corn
Free plans for growing corn in home vegetable gardens. Tips and information about raising sweet corn in a backyard vegetable garden.

Growing Cucumbers, How to Grow Cucumbers, Cucumber Trellis Ideas
Plans and tips for growing cucumbers in home vegetable gardens. To save space try vertical vegetable gardening with cucumber plants using a cucumber trellis.

Ground Cherries, Growing Ground Cherries, Tomatillos, Husk Tomatoes
How to grow ground cherries, tomatillos, or husk tomatoes. Tips and planting information for planting and growing ground cherries, tomatillos or husk tomatoes.

Planting Garlic, Growing Garlic, Harvesting and Drying Garlic
Best tips for planting garlic, how to plant garlic, how to harvest and how to dry garlic. All the information you need to plant and grow garlic in home vegetable gardens.

Growing Green Beans, Planting Green Beans, How to Grow Green Beans
Easy plans for growing green beans in your backyard vegetable garden. Learn how to plant green bush or pole beans, and how to care for them for best gardening results.

How to Grow Leeks, Planting Leeks, and Growing Leeks
Learn how to grow leeks in your home vegetable garden. How to plant leeks in easy-to-follow steps for gardening success.

Growing Herbs, Planting Herbs, How to Grow Herbs
The best tips for growing herbs indoors, outdoors, and in container herb gardens. Learn how to plant and care for herbs when home gardening. Plant a kitchen herb garden to supply fresh herbs to spice

Growing Hot Peppers, Growing Cayenne Peppers, Growing Jalapeno Peppers
Tips for growing hot peppers in home vegetable gardens. Learn how easy it is to plant, and care for hot peppers and chili peppers for home use.

Growing Lettuce, Planting Lettuce, and Growing Lettuce Indoors
Tips for growing lettuce in hot weather. Grow lettuce varieties including Icberg, Loose Leaf, Romaine, and Butterhead.

Growing Onions, Planting Onions, and How to Grow Onions
Tips and Plans for growing onions, shallots, leeks, and scallions from seed. Also, growing Egyptian and large onions in a vegetable garden.

Growing Peppers, Growing Hot Peppers, Growing Bell Peppers
The best plans for growing peppers, including habanero and jalapeno peppers. Learn how to grow both sweet and hot peppers in your home garden!

Growing Potatoes, Planting Potatoes, and How to Grow Potatoes
Tips for growing potatoes in containers, tires, or straw. Planting chart for when and how to grow potato plants in the ground.

Growing Shallots, Planting Shallots, How to Grow Shallots
Easy tips for growing shallots in your backyard vegetable garden. Learn how to plant, grow, and care for shallot plants when home vegetable gardening.

Growing Spinach, How to Grow Spinach, Planting Spinach
The best tips for growing spinach in backyard or container vegetable gardens. Learn how to plant, grow, care for and water spinach plants in your garden.

Growing Squash, Growing Zucchini, and How to Grow Pumpkins
Plans for growing squash including butternut and acorn squash. How to grow winter and summer squash plants.

Growing Tomatoes, Watering Tomato Plants, and Growing Tomatoes in Pots
Tips for growing tomatoes including how to plant tomatoes, how to grow tomatoes, and fertilizing tomatoes.

Growing Zucchini, Planting Zucchini, Growing Summer Squash
Tips and plans for growing zucchini your vegetable garden. Learn how to plant and grow zucchini and other summer squash varieties. It's easy!

Growing Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Potato Plants, Planting Sweet Potatoes
The best tips for growing sweet potatoes when vegetable gardening. Learn how to start, plant, and grow sweet potatoes in your backyard garden.

Canning Vegetables, How to Can Vegetables Using Pressure Canning
Complete tips for canning vegetables at home. How to prepare garden vegetables for canning, canning supplies needed, and how to preserve vegetables using the pressure canning method.

Growing Blackberries, Planting Blackberries, How to Grow Blackberries
Easy tips for growing blackberries in your own garden or backyard. Learn how to plant, care for, and harvest blackberries. Recipe included for making blackberry syrup from your own fresh berries.

Growing Strawberries, How to Grow Strawberries, Planting Strawberries
The best tips for growing strawberries in backyard vegetable gardens. Learn how to plant, care for, and maintain June-Bearing, Everbearing, and Day Neutral strawberry plants when gardening at home.

Growing Blueberries, Planting Blueberries, How to Grow Blueberries
Tips for growing blueberries in your garden. How to plant, grow, care for and harvest blueberries in your backyard for best fresh blueberry results!

Growing Raspberries, Planting Raspberries, How to Grow Raspberries
The best tips for growing raspberries in your backyard vegetable garden. Learn how to plant, care for, prune, and harvest raspberries when home gardening. Grow raspberries as an edible border if you a

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Freezing Vegetables, Blanching Vegetables, How to Freeze Vegetables
Tips and "how to's" for freezing vegetables from your backyard vegetable garden. Learn the best way to prepare, blanch and freeze garden vegetables for winter use.

Planning a Garden Layout, Free Online Garden Planner, Vegetable Garden Design So
Free software for planning a garden layout. Use our online Garden Planner to design your own vegetable garden layout. It's fun and easy to plan a garden; just drag and drop the vegetables into your ga

Preserving Food, Pressure Canning, Freezing and Canning Vegetables and Fruit
The best tips for preserving food at home by either canning or freezing. Learn how to freeze or pressure-can extra produce from your vegetable garden, and how to make juice, jam or jelly from fruit.